Sell With us

Think of us as your partner in achieving outstanding results, selling your greatest asset, YOUR HOME. So it is our attention to detail throughout every step of this journey which allows us to portray your property to the HIGHEST STANDARD, high quality marketing plus excellent negotiation skills equals higher price, ITS THAT SIMPLE.




At Peel Valley Real Estate, our Marketing experts are part of the team, not outside contractors. This means we go the extra mile to create a story that engages with potential buyers and keeps them looking at your property longer.



High-quality photography has always been a ‘must have’ with real estate marketing. Our High Dynamic Range photos showcase the property in its best light and allow the viewer to get a sense of the rooms while enjoying the external views.

Twilight photography

The hunt for the perfect hero shot of your property begins with the best light. Where possible, we strive to capture a single shot that engages the potential buyer immediately and just makes them want to see more.

Social media campaign

Once your property is online with the real estate web portals, a targeted social media campaign is created to ensure all eyes are on your home.

Site plan

Particularly useful for acreage and other properties that have paddocks or interesting shapes to highlight.


Aerial drone Video and Photos

Aerial drone’s videos and photos reduce days on market and allowing buyers to see the true aspects of the property. All our drone work is done by CASA Certified pilots with professional photographic experience.